About Us

Established in 2013 to provide high standard in precision eye care solution. May it be the quality of eye glasses, contact lenses and Spectacle Frames the company provides its customers with products of designer, fashionable and trendy eyewear. Our relentless service to new and old customers has been exemplary.

AKD VISION CARE PRIVATE LIMITED is associated with the top eye wear brands in the market. So that the customers are satisfied with the best quality and fashionable trendy designs. WE also provide the best quality of standard, advanced, high-tech and innovative lenses of all kinds from the renowned brands.



Spectacle Lense is the key element of vision correction. A right lense gives your vision a longer life with comfort. We are deeply concerned in your eye care so we provide real value of your money.

Good Will

Considering the company’s reliability and reputation AKD VISION CARE LIMITED has been choice for number of internationally renowned brands of optical care companies. We achieved favorable recommendations of many old customers.

Key Feature

  • Authorized dealers
  • Internationally recognized top brands
  • Eye checkup by qualified Ophthalmologist and Optometrist
  • Certified prescription lens
  • Life-time free servicing


There are many different options, materials and properties to consider when selecting your spectacle lenses. Learn all about different spectacle lenses to help you better understand your optician's recommendations.

What is a lens?

Two rounded prisms joined together. Prisms are always thicker at one end and light passing through it is bent/refracted towards the thicker end

Two main types of lenses

Wearing the correct type and power of lens makes up for your eye’s inability to project light on your retina

Convex/Plus (+) lens for Nearsightedness

Bends the light towards the bottom and top of the lens, pushing the focal point back to the retina. The stronger the lens, the closer the focal point is to the lens

Concave/Minus (-) lens for Farsightedness

Spreads the light away from the center of the lens and moves the focal point up. The stronger the lens, the farther the focal point is from the lens.